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“I am honored and humbled to be a facilitator in you and your family’s wellness journey. ” – Cathy

Meet Cathy

Cathy is a primary health care physician, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine practicing in Bend OR. and Beverly Hills, CA. specializing in Pediatrics and Women’s health.

She is a California and Oregon Board Certified Acupuncturist and licensed herbalist, and a Nationally Certified Diplomat of Oriental Medicine.  She holds a Masters Degree from Emperors College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA and  undergraduate degrees from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas TX.  Cathy is the founder of Pacific Herbs, an herbal products wellness business.  She also has a private wellness practice serving patients worldwide via the internet.

Cathy’s career in complementary and alternative medicine began more than 30 years ago. Recently she has been lecturing at medical conferences for both Western and Eastern Medicine. She also knows that it’s important to keep up with advances in TCM and Functional Medicine and she makes continuing education a priority.

Teaching the wisdom of ages and reading research is Cathy’s passion. She also shares the research and via articles published in journals such as the Oriental Medicine Journal, Acupuncture Today, and she is a Health Advisor for The Huffington Post. Her writing focus is on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and specializes on bringing Chinese herbal medicine to Western audiences with her herbal wellness company, Pacific Herbs.

Cathy  is the author of two books. Both help women understand estrogen dominance and how to balance hormones naturally with TCM and healthy lifestyles. Cathy enjoys sharing her knowledge through teaching and lecturing to audiences young and old. Cathy enjoys sharing her passion through teaching and lecturing to audiences young and old. She loves to hike, bike and ski with her adult children and husband or take long walks in any secluded forests with her four legged companions.

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